Charles Skinner

Charlie and Fred founded Infinite Vision 10 years ago May. After successfully collaborating on numerous projects in the past, they decided to team up with complimentary skill sets and an Infinite Vision for success.

Fred Kool

Fred is an Electrical Engineer and IV's CTO. With an advanced understanding of necessary product development skill sets, he manages our Project Management and Engineering groups. In addition, Fred provides oversight to schedule development, resource loading and budget vs actual activities.

The Team


Optical Engineering

Optical Engineering, Image Sense and Illumination. Decades of successful development for the worlds leading companies. I'd list them, but our coveted client base is top-secret. Reach out for references.

Electrical, Software and Firmware Engineering

A stable of professionals headed up by Veteran Product Development expertise. With a plethora of successful product launches including Hand-held devices, Desk-top and Stand-alone systems. We provide system controls, image manipulation, signal refinement and power management. These are the strongholds of our development offering.

Mechanical Engineering

Our Mechanical Engineering group is a cornerstone of Infinite Vision's development group. Our team members are highly skilled and capable of necessary structural and aesthetic feature set integration. Fluidic and heat management considerations are an integral part of our product evolution methodology.

Industrial Design

Infinite Vision's Industrial Design team works with IV's product development and engineering groups to wrap performance feature sets into a package consistent with our client's vision. 

Printed Circuit Board Layout

Infinite Vision unabashedly boasts a most experienced layout team. We understand design for manufacturability with yield being our primary driver. Our layout skills are second to none.

Manufacturing and Test Engineering

IV's manufacturing and test engineering teams participate throughout the product development cycle to ensure considerations for yield, component availability, cost and manufacturability.