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Infinite Vision LLC
Design and Development Services
The Team

Infinite Vision

Infinite Vision's Core Technical Team has been
together for years

Dedicated to  Generating and Protecting
Intellectual Property


              A small sample of our team's background:

     · 18+ years mechanical design background using the following tools:
   · Pro/E
    · SolidWorks
    · AutoCAD
    · PT/Modeler  (Parametric Technology product)
   · Cosmos – Finite Element Analysis
     · ¡8 years Electrical Design/PCB Layout using the following tools:
   · Protel schematic capture & PCB layout package.
   · Protel DXP
   · Orcad Capture & Layout
   · Altium Designer
   · Wire bonding and the associated challenges of working with chip on board
 Abilities include working closely with Fab and Assembly houses to      
facilitate the completion of electronics PCBA projects:
   · Technologies include Through Hole, Surface Mount and Multi-Layer Printed Circuit Boards using blind and buried vias. Experienced in technologies down to 0201 footprint, BGA and chip on board
     ·  ¡Expertise in:
   · Flex circuit design
   · Materials sourcing and procurement for on-time delivery of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies.
   · Differential pair, matched impedance designs

      ·  ¡Mechanical, optical and software design for various medical and laboratory projects.
· Responsibilities included technical lead position for multiple large design projects including miniature CMOS camera modules utilized for minimally invasive surgery, temperature/pressure devices for post-operative joint therapy, and ultrasonic surgical cutting tools
· Mechanical/Optical design, fabrication, alignment and testing of retinal glucose analyzers including successful FDA submission.
· Mechanical and optical design of multi-stage optical amplifiers (EDFA and RAMAN); optical component specification and testing; prototype build, calibration, debugging, testing
· Responsible for product requirement specification, product development including all necessary and applicable documentation, vendor negotiation, and performance validation. and transfer to manufacturing
· Design, fabrication, and calibration of an absolute optical spectrometers
· Proficient in the development of instruments and products requiring fluidics and robotics
· Expertise in the development and understanding of product requirement documentation as well as strict adherence to ISO 13485 and FDA regulations and standards


   ·  Over 25 years experience integrating electronics, hardware, firmware
      software to  produce a variety of electronic devices:
· CPU design, VGA cameras, cell phones, satellites, electron microscopes, to military radar equipment
· High-speed digital / analog hardware / software design
· Complete in System architecture definition and modeling
· FPGA implementation, board design, schematic capture, trouble shooting capabilities
·  ¡Technical highlights include:
· OS: HP-UX, Unix, Linux, Windows NT/XP/Vista, Server 2003/2008, Win 7, Mac OS X
· Software Languages: C#, C/C++, Java, CML, XML, HTML
· Scripting Languages: Perl, Shell Scripts
· Development Tools: CodeWright, Eclipse Visual Editor, MS Visual Studio 2008,
· Visual SourceSafe, Collabnet Subversion SVN, Track, Telelogic Doors
· Productivity Applications: Microsoft Project, Access, Visio, FrontPage, Office Suite 

                         · Software/Firmware Development
                           · IDE: IAR, Visual Studio, MPLab
                    · uPs: Atmel 32b Arm, Hitachi/Renesas, Intel, PIC, 8051, ColdFire
                    · Interfaces: SPI, TWI, I2C, RS232, RS485, FSK, IR, USB, 
                 Ethernet, wireless
                    · Peripherals: RTT, RTC, EEprom, DAQ, ADC, Thermistors,
                 Analog Circuits, 
                    Segmented LCD, Graphics LCD, Smart Battery, 
                 Custom SOC ASICs and FPGAs
                    · Protocols: SCSI, SATA, Modbus, Hart, Virtual Comm Ports
                    · Language: C/C++, Assembly, Windows XP,  .NET, Visual Studio, 
                 Access Database Visual Basic
                    · Documentation: Software Requirements Specification,
                 Software Development Plans, 
                 Validation and Verification Plan, Protocols and Reports, 
                 Software Design Description, Use Cases
                    · Bug Tracking, Release Management
                    · Excellent Debugging and Failure Analysis Skills
                    · User Interface Implementations
                    · Embedded Systems Expertise
                    · Algorithms, State Machines, Event Driven Architectures
                    · Product Development: Schedule, Budget, and Critical Path tracking, 
                 Action Item generation and tracking, Meeting Minutes, Issue Resolution, 
                 Project Communications
                    · Team Building: Multiple Discipline Management, Task Assignment 
                 and Oversight, Mentoring, Corrective Action, and Hiring

                         ·  25 Years Experience: Corporate leader. Former VP at Dover, CEO of Sponcor, Director at Standex
                            · Mergers and Acquisitions (Evans and Sutherland, Dover, Standex)
                           · 15 years Medical and Biotech
              · Global Project, Program and Field Application Engineering Management
                           · Facility and Product Transfers (USA to Asia and Mexico, 
                 Dominican Republic to USA, Canada to USA, Mexico to Asia, UK to USA)
                           · New Product Introduction Planning and Release
                           · Operations, Finance, Business Development 
              · Creating opportunities and managing companies to support
                 corporate objectives and culture

Medical and Biotech Product Development
silicon Valley, California
Bay Area, California
San Jose, California
San Francisco, California


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